Alphabet Blocks 3D is live in the iTunes store.  INKids have brought this old favorite back to life – you can now play with this vintage children’s block toy right on your iPad! (Check out the screen shots below).

Each block contains a letter, and a corresponding an animal or object which comes to life as you touch it; A is for Apple, but it’s also for adorable Alligator! Flip the block and a friendly reptile will bounce into action, roaring and squirming around.

Alphabet Blocks 3D helps children with word recognition, learning animals by name and sound, as well as helping understand how objects around them move, and with this app, they won’t just be learning, they’ll also be having fun!

This entire application is beautifully illustrated and has entertaining sound effects that little kids love. The block toy is easy to use a suitable for most toddlers.

This isn’t just an amazing children’s application, it’s a block toy that you can take anywhere…