Introducing Futaba.

Looking for a fantastic educational game for your students or children? Look no further! Futaba is an image to word quiz game designed for 2 to 4 players. An outrageously fun and entertaining learning tool for the classroom or home. Building vocabulary and conceptual skills through visualization offers a faster and more effective route to acquiring language and factual information.

Produced for children to play alone or in groups especially in a classroom environment.
* 5 learning sets provided comprised of over 100 images.
* Design your own learning sets in any language by mapping any image file to a type face script!
* Perfect for vocabulary development in 2nd language learning.
* Can be used with young first language learners for basic word recognition.
* Can also be used across all standard curricula including history or geography classes.
INKids would like to emphasize the exciting fact that the user creates game sets and has the ability to create basic data sets!  Most other applications are really just packaged games and don’t offer this kind of flexibility which is necessary for broad and extended classroom use and application. Instructions here.

The idea is simple:

- Each player takes a seat around the iPad and taps in to start.
- A rotating image zooms into the central screen area.
- The first player to match the image to the correct of four word choices scores a point.
Win 3 rounds and your own giant but friendly seedling will come to life!

Here are a few data set mapping possibilities:
# Common nouns, adjectives, verbs.
# States and countries.
# Famous people and landmarks.

This basic concept and function can be extended to include any word created as an image file.
# Antonym or synonym data sets – image to word or word to word – using an image of a word.
# Word item in language A mapped to translation in language B – using an image file of a word.

# Group concept mapping by creating an odd word out data set – which of the four word choices does not form a group with the central image. This can be used for basic conceptual groups or grammatical word form groups.


Futaba, Japanese for “seedling”, was originally conceived by Dave Wingler, from Osaka Kunei Girls’ Junior and Senior High in Osaka, Japan. The idea was to provide a simple and fun way for ESL students to practice learning words in a classroom environment.

+ Futaba comes with over 100 wonderful hand drawn illustrations, professional audio soundtracks and has high quality visuals as shown in the screenshots below.
+ Teachers, parents or even students themselves can create learning sets by using either an iPad2’s built in camera or using the camera roll by copying images to their iPad photo library.

+ In version 2, we plan to launch a community driven application where teachers can create and share learning sets in the cloud.

If you have any questions, problems or would like a free download code for your school, please contact

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