Did you know you can easily turn your iBooks Notes into handy Study Cards? The iPad features a bunch of amazing built in tools that really set the device apart for use in classroom or for any type of study.

Many features (like this one) aren’t immediately apparent – Notes to study cards is a great example of extending a simple idea with some practical thinking  and working it into a feature that is both elegant and useful.

This short tutorial explains how you can easily make your own study cards from any iBook. With the latest version of iBooks any book content you highlight can be automatically be converted into a study card to be used later…

1. Highlight your chosen text (tap and hold as you would with any other text selection)

2. Tap the highlighted text to display options and click on the notepad icon

How to highlight text on the iPad

3. Type text into the popup field

Enter text in iBook Notes
4. Lightly tap the status/title bar at the top of the screen to display iBooks options and select the notepad icon

6. Select “Study Cards”. On one side of the Study Card is a glossary term or highlighted text (image 1 below). On the other side is the definition of the glossary term or note that corresponds to the highlighted text (image 2 – below)
iBooks Study Cards
Back of iBook Study Card
7. To flip the card over, simply tap anywhere on the Study Card, or on the circular arrows in the bottom right-hand corner.

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