INKids are a 2013 Bammy! Awards EdTech Candidate

Edtechbadge2 We are excited to be a 2013 Bammy! Awards EdTech candidate. The Bammy! Awards honors and acknowledges exceptional work done all across the nation in education. Teachers, principals, superintendents, journalists and now those involved in educational technology can receive a prized nomination for their efforts to bring innovation into education.

This year, the inaugural Bammy! Edtech Awards recognizes contributions made by EdTech businesses in three technology categories: the best apps, digital teaching tools, and web resources. A select jury comprised of nationally respected educators involved in teaching is responsible for judging the Bammy EdTech Awards. We’d like to thank the Bammy EdTech Awards for their recognition of our efforts in the creation of Futaba Classroom Games and our newly released Futaba Cloud Service.

INKids Education has made great effort to create educational applications for children to get the most out of technology in their classrooms. With educational technology playing an ever more important role in the success and college-readiness of our children, we are honored by the acknowledgement of the Bammy! Awards. Candidates for nomination can be found at

The Bammys! are organized by the BAM Radio Network which boasts over 21 channels of educational programming hosted by leading educators and advocates across the US. The programs and commentary on the network give an insightful view into current developments in communities all across the US. Many thanks to Rae P. and all the organizers for your part in giving us this wonderful recognition.

ADE Event Austrin TX

INKids attend Apple’s ADE Institute Meet the Developer Event

ADE Event Austrin TX

INKids Education this week attended an invitation only “Meet the Developer” event at Apple’s Summer ADE Institute at the The University of Texas at Austin.

The event was designed to facilitate collaboration and discussion around innovative content for K-12 learning environments and was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with ADEs who advise Apple on integrating technology into learning environments and share their expertise with other educators and policy makers.

ADEs or Apple Distinguished Educators are part of a global community of education leaders recognised for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom.

Dave Wingler who attended the event was able to meet with and discuss Futaba Classroom Games, and our upcoming release – Math Champ Challenge – along with 28 other developers including Evernote, Scholastic Education, Vernier Software & Technology, Hopscotch Technologies, Pocket Anatomy, Exo Labs, Inc., Pearson, BrainPOP and Mastery Connect.


Dave was absolutely swamped by keen members of the ADE crowd who were keen to check out our product range – there was a lot of interest in Math Champ Challenge – our new math game which has a range of achievements linked to Common Core State Standards.

It was really exciting to be able to tell each ADE about how our apps support teachers and students. Attending the event was an extremely valuable experience and a great opportunity to get feedback on our product design from an instructional point of view. Special thanks to Alicia B and the exec team at Apple, and all of the ADEs that participated in the event.


App Annie Data (Dec - Jan21)

Is the App Store Education market heating up?

Over the last month, our rankings in the App Store have plummeted from 154 all the way down to 369 as of yesterday. A weird thing is happening though… our revenue has moved in the opposite direction. Our sales up 27% in the last 30 days.

In the graph below you can the 2 trend lines, our earnings sailing one way, while the opposite seems to be happening . Overall ranking is for grossing and for downloads (they are more or less the same). The data below is for our Futaba Classroom Games app over the last 3-4 weeks – note on the graph below, the earnings data is cut off, but there’s another upward spike that should be to the right of the chart: More >

Deborah Komatsu SLP

INKids Teacher Showcase: Deborah Komatsu SLP

Deborah Komatsu SLP

We often receive feedback from our user base and we appreciate every email we get… when practical we use feedback and suggestions from our users to improve our products. Deborah Komatsu, a Speech Pathologist for Los Angeles Unified School District contacted us with incredibly valuable feedback about our apps, and allowed us to interview her about how she uses iPads for the betterment of her students.

What’s your occupation and how long have you been involved in it?
I am a speech pathologist at an elementary school at Los Angeles Unified School District. This is my first year as a teacher. My first career was as a film editor, which I enjoyed; however, after having my son, I decided to find a more family-friendly career. I studied early education and then speech pathology, getting my Masters in Communication Disorders in May 2012. I enjoy working with children and am always looking for low- and high-tech opportunities for learning!
More >


Futaba gameplay on Youtube (produced by an elementary school in Taiwan)

The Youtube clip which includes footage of Futaba Classroom Games was posted sometime in August, but we’ve only just come across it. The Chinese title of the video translates as “So Easy-iPad on mathematics teaching math in the middle grades” – and contains demonstrations of other great apps like Educreations.

The clip also demonstrates how you can couple the iPad with an existing whiteboard solution to display gameplay on a larger screen – this can be a great way to get students excited about participating in any sort of game, or collaborative process using the iPad.

Click here, or on the image below to jump to watch Futaba CG in action…

More >

Futaba Classroom Games 1.4 Release

Futaba 1.4 is here, with Audio.

If you haven’t updated your copy of Futaba yet, then please grab the latest build from the App Store.  The 1.4 release features a number of improvements. More >


Flashcards 2.0

We’ve just released our latest version of Flashcards for iPad which includes a number of enhancements and changes. The biggest change is that you can now select a default language for the app (previously you had a to purchase a language pack if your first language wasn’t English). We’ve also added Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese to the available languages.

If you include Australian and UK language options, there are now over 60 combinations of 1st and 2nd languages that can be used when learning new words – any language can be used as the primary or secondary language which makes Flashcards a powerful tool for teaching 2nd languages at an early age (the actual application is also now localised in more than 25 languages).

Based on feedback from parents, we’ve also returned to a kid friendly menu layout. This change will make it easier to access the growing number of categories and cards (there are now over 400 flashcards in 13 categories in the premium version), as well the word game and spelling game (great for revision).

Here’s the new menu (the previous design is still available under the settings):

If you haven’t taken a look at Flashcards for iPad yet, it’s free to download and try out - the Animals category is included and is probably the one flashcard set that kids love the most. Flashcards is also available for MAC and Android and is now also available in several other languages including Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Arabic.  All of the language’s in our app have been professionally translated and recorded by native speakers. There’s a demo available here if you’re not ready to download and would like to check it out. If you feel like making your own Flashcards, we’ve also recently launched a Kid’s Flashcards Maker.

We’d like to thanks NSW Trade & Investment and Screen NSW for their support with this project.