Math Champ Quick Start Guide

Thanks for installing and trying Math Champ in your classroom. If you are having problems, please review this guide before contacting our support desk:

If you haven’t done so already, please check out the video tour below to see how Math Champ works:

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iPhone version of Flashcards missing categories after updating?

If you’ve just updated your iPhone version of our Flashcards app, you can easily restore the missing categories (if you’ve purchased the upgrade before).

Users who have previously purchased the “Upgrade” will still have access to all 5 languages and all existing flashcard categories. If you’ve previously purchased the upgrade you will now have the “Premium Version” when you install the app and restore purchases. There’s more info on restoring purchases here if you are having any problems:

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How to restore purchased apps and in-app purchases

If you’ve recently updated an application, or have had to delete an application and then reinstall it – or if changed devices (with the same user id) – or for any other reason you’ve been prompted to purchase something you’ve already been charged for by iTunes, the solution is simple.  You can just buy it again. You won’t be charged twice for something you’ve already purchased if you are using the same Apple ID.

A number of our apps use in-app purchases. Generally if you’re upgrading (and you already have purchased something), our application will “detect” your purchases and you will not have to “restore them”.  If this doesn’t happen automatically, you can “restore purchases” (Flashcards) or for all other apps (Futaba Word Games, Puzzle Land, Alphabet Blocks), please just make the same purchase as you did previously. It will prompt you to purchase the item again. After you tap purchase, iTunes will detect that you’ve already purchased the item and you’ll then be able to download it for free.

You should see something like this on your screen:

If this doesn’t happen, and you’ve been charged for the same exact item, please contact iTunes. We are unable to issue refunds and can not view your purchase history. You should also be able to download and install any apps previously purchased from the Appstore on up to 5 devices (if you are using the same Apple ID).

Comment restaurer Achats
Si vous passez et vous perdez vos achats précédents, s’il vous plaît choisissez «restaurer les achats» en vertu de l’option Paramètres (Flashcards). Pour d’autres applications, vous aurez besoin de ré-achat de l’article même. Vous ne serez pas facturé à nouveau pour tous les achats in-app que vous avez fait précédemment. iTunes va détecter votre achat et vous demander de télécharger l’application gratuitement (voir la capture d’écran ci-dessus)

Wiederherstellen Käufe
wenn Sie ein Upgrade und verlieren Sie Ihre bisherigen Käufe, wählen Sie bitte “restore Käufe” unter der Option Einstellungen (Flashcards). Für andere Anwendungen, müssen Sie re-Kauf den gleichen Artikel erneut. Sie werden nicht wieder für alle In-App-Käufe, die Sie vorher gemacht haben berechnet. iTunes erkennt den Kauf und bitten Sie, die App zum kostenlosen Download (siehe Screenshot oben)

Come ripristinare Acquisti
se si sta aggiornando e perdi i tuoi acquisti precedenti, selezionare “ripristinare acquisti” sotto l’opzione impostazioni (Flashcards). Per altre applicazioni, sarà necessario ri-acquistare l’oggetto stesso. Non ti verrà addebitato per ogni nuovo in-app acquisti effettuati in precedenza. iTunes rileverà l’acquisto e vi chiedo di scaricare l’applicazione gratuitamente (vedi screenshot sopra)

Cómo restaurar Compras
si está actualizando y se pierde sus compras anteriores, por favor seleccione “restaurar las compras” en la opción de configuración (Flashcards). Para otras aplicaciones, tendrá que volver a comprar el mismo artículo de nuevo. No se le cobrará de nuevo por las compras in-app que ha hecho anteriormente. iTunes detectará su compra y le pedirá que descargue la aplicación de forma gratuita (se refieren a la imagen de arriba)


How to edit or remove content in existing Futaba Classroom Games?

If you need to modify any of the existing games / or game content in Futaba Classroom Games, it’s very easy to do.

Under settings, go to “Game Content”, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Create a new game” button. Tapping this button will allow you to create new games sets, or modify the existing content.

So if your students aren’t used to working with negative numbers, you can easily turn these options off by using the toggle for each game item:


Audio Problems? Sound on iPad not working?

If you’ve recently purchased one of our applications, and the sound doesn’t work there’s usually one of two ways to fix this.

Please check that you don’t have the mute button switched on. It’s either a switch on the side of the iPad or a button in the multi-task tray. To access the multi-task tray double click on the home button and swipe all the way to the left and you’ll see it.

The mute button is on the side of your iPad

Double click your home button to access the multi-task tray

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Tips for using the Futuba iPad App in the Classroom

There are number of powerful features in the Futaba application which are covered in this article, including step by step instructions for using Dropbox and iTunes Documents to create your own custom learning sets to fit your own lesson plans or curriculum.

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