We’re very excited to have been featured over at Geek Dad last week.

The Developer Profile, written by Daniel Donahoo, outlines the INKids story and how a few chance emails helped us create Futaba Classroom Games – a game which “meets the needs of children learning, socializing, interacting through the screen”.

The development of Futaba, has definitely been a learning experience, in many different ways. We have had to re-approach the initial idea a few different times, and we’re glad that our latest release has struck a note with teachers (and reviewers like Dan).

INKids, along with Dave (the game’s inventor), will continue “listening to parents and teachers to help them design apps that best meet the needs of children.” In fact, we’ve already begun including some new game sets requested by teachers in the last week.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, the full profile is available here: